Yibin Grace

Sichuan province, China


Completion of CanopyStyle Third Party Verification Audits

Undertaking Annual Audits

Audits Public and Results Acted On


Audit risk results


Contribution to Conservation Legacies

A&E promotion

Public Collaborative Leadership


Influences Decision Makers


Legislated protection


Innovation via New Alternative Fibers



R&D Investments


Scaling to commercial products


Targets & timelines


Aggressively increasing commercial scale


Adoption of Robust Forest Sourcing Policy

Policy adoption

Policy meets all CanopyStyle criteria

Traceability & Transparency

COC & supplier list completed

Track & trace system in place


Public sharing of supplier list


Forest of origin is public and mapped


Leaders in Supply Chain Shifts & Sustainable Sourcing

Producer Is Proactive

FSC preference


Forest Mapper support


Associated with High Risk of Sourcing from Ancient & Endangered Forests and other Controversial Sources

Risk is known and no action is taken


Initial action taken to adress risk

Sourcing risk has been resolved



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Risk of sourcing from Ancient & Endangered forests

Yibin Grace is a viscose producer that has been expanding capacity and has newly made its way to the Canopy Top 10 list of viscose producer – by production. This means that engagement with the company has only started recently.  In fact, Yibin Grace proactively outreach to Canopy in May 2018 to embark in the CanopyStyle initiative.

At the time of writing this report, Yibin Grace has adopted and made public its first Forest Sourcing Policy, has shared supplier information data with Canopy and has signed a contract with auditors to initiate the CanopyStyle audit.

Key Improvements Required

The immediate next step for Yibin Grace is to set the dates for the CanopyStyle third party verification audit, which will verify the progress in policy implementation based on a series of robust indicators.

Given growth projections in the sector, Yibin Grace should proactively screen any future ventures and new supply against the ForestMapper and aggressively build next generation solutions into their fiber projections for the coming years.

Areas where the company is showing leadership

Yibin Grace has demonstrating valuable leadership in proactively outreaching with Canopy to join CanopyStyle. In just a few months, the company has formalized and launched public its Forest Sourcing Policy with Canopy, and is now ready to initiate the independent audit. The company is also promoting itself as very innovative and Canopy looks forward to better understanding its role in being a ‘national circular economy pilot enterprises’.

Number of viscose, lyocell and dissolving pulp mills + location and production volumes

Yibin Grace has 2 viscose staple fiber mills and one viscose filament mill in China.

• Yibin Grace mill viscose production capacity is 250 000 tons.

• Chengdu Grace Fiber mill viscose production capacity is 100 000 tons.                                                  

•Yibin Grace viscose filament yarn production capacity is 50 000 tons.

They produce man-made cellulosic fiber (MMCF) and nonwovens, mainly standard viscose fibers,  rayon and viscose filament yarn.

Like many other viscose producers, the company is expected to be sourcing a large variety of tree species.